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We Teamed Up With SPARC to Help Some Animals in Need

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Feb 29, 2016 9:41:27 AM

It takes a village to help an animal.


Yes, we know, that’s not exactly how the adage goes, but this updated version applies more relevantly to one of our recent community service endeavors.


And speaking of the word “community,” think about this: If you ask 1000 people what it means to be a valuable member of one, you’ll probably get 1000 different answers. But, regardless of the specifics, we can all agree that community is important, period. If you ask us, there’s another word that’s integral in answering that question, and ironically (or not), it sounds a lot like community.


It’s communication.


When we’re not supplying nurses’ uniforms in Anaheim, CA, we make sure to get actively involved in our community, and as far we’re concerned, the furry friends who live among us are just as important as anyone or anything else here. So, when the Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center (aka SPARC) communicated the need for help, we jumped at the opportunity.


SPARC is a no-kill non-profit animal shelter in Santa Barbara that has been operating successfully since 2012. As the only no kill in Ventura County, they are well known for providing humane care and treatment to stray and abandoned animals from all across the area. They provide a plethora of services, including education, spays/neuters, vaccinations and licenses. Their mission involves solving the pet overpopulation issue throughout Southern California.


When the El Nino rains hit California, they were a little too much for the SPARC facility to handle, and unfortunately, the kennels started flooding. Since we often donate our rags to people from church groups, school and other animal shelters, we knew we could be of help. So, SPARC staff members and one of their “assistants” (who has excellent taste in sweaters) stopped by ImageFIRST LA with an ambulance, and we loaded it up with mops, towels and blankets for them!


Even though we’re the premier supplier of medical uniforms and scrubs to the Anaheim, CA area, don’t worry, we didn’t try to dress any of the animals in them! Paging Doctor Sparky! We’ll leave those for the healthcare providers.


We’re excited to see what’s in store for our community in the months ahead, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on what’s happening!